001 Kicking off Fantastic Season 4 with Steve Riedmueller Superpower: IBM Services

001 Hey everyone, it’s Peg Tuttle host of the incredible i show, and we are kicking off Fantastic Season 4!   We have a superhero season planned for you!  You can look forward to IBM i users sharing their incredible i stories, security week, in-person interviews, amazing guest hosts and so much more.   It’s going to be a fantastic season.

Welcome to episode 1 of season 4.  On the show this week, I have Steve Riedmueller from John Wiley and Sons.  Steve is a certified IBM i Systems Administrator/Engineer with over 20 years of experience.  He is a COMMON speaker, mentor with N2i and IBM i advocate. 

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Steve Riedmueller, Certified IBM i Admin – Speaker, Mentor and Advocate
Email:  [email protected]

One incredible Th(i)ng!  Products, gadgets, recipes, music, or things we are loving right now.

Steve’s pick for the week:
Starcraft II 

Peg’s pick for the week:
Back to School!  Yeah!

Upcoming Events:
In person or virtual – October 3-4, 2022
NAViGATE 2022 St. Louis, MO

In person ONLY October 3-4, 2022
i on Security
An IBM i Cybersecurity Event

RPG & DB2 Summit October 18 – November 3, 2022
MAGIC November14-15, 2022

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