5 Powerful Productivity Tools For IBM i Software Developers

Companies using IBM i platforms are actively transforming their businesses to the next level through digital transformation. Today, IBM application modernization plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to leverage existing applications, and boost IBM i performance. They also help in improving developers’ productivity, accelerating time to market, and increasing ROI.

Businesses use different IBM i application modernization tools to build native mobile apps. Now, you do not need to worry about learning new languages, and developers will be productive immediately. Therefore, by using IBM i modernization low-code platform tools, developers can reduce the delivery time and ultimately boost their ROI productivity.

In this article, we will explore five powerful productivity tools for IBM i software developers. Moreover, explore different features of the LANSA IBM i application modernization tools that help in improving the IBM i performance and employees’ productivity.

What is software developers’ productivity?

Productivity of software developers is the performance or output that shows how productive a software developer is in any given time frame or matrix. A business would establish goals they want to monitor (such as doing code reviews and bugs repaired)  and establish a baseline for what is acceptable. In the end, the overall productivity of the developers would be evaluated based on those results.

How do we improve software developers’ productivity?

We know that a programming solution that works for one team, one project, or for one business may not work elsewhere, even for a very similar project. Selecting the appropriate metrics for your team and project should aid in measuring developer productivity. An organization can improve its software developers’ productivity using the following different ways: 

Kick-off distractions from the workspace.
Integrate modernization techniques in the existing workflows.
Leverage the power of low-code platform productivity tools
Implement the Agile Development approach 
Train software developers
Focus on Efficiency
Establish feedback loops

Which tools can improve the productivity of the IBM i Software Developers?

LANSA offers a variety of IBM i modernization tools that improve software developers’ productivity and IBM i performance. Here, we will discuss five powerful low-code platform tools that you can integrate into your existing workflow to boost overall productivity and also help you to reduce your legacy code debt. 

How does Visual LANSA improve software developers’ productivity?

Visual LANSA is a low-code platform that helps you build applications faster and increases the productivity of IBM i software developers. Software developers can develop and deploy IBM i 5250 clients, Windows desktop applications, mobile apps, and much more using the low-code Visual LANSA powerful IDE.

Businesses can digitally transform their operations and improve IT efficiency while lowering risk and application development complexity. Visual LANSA’s low-code development platform also reduces the technical debt expected for modernization. This enables software developers to finish projects on time and manage growing application needs.

The Visual LANSA apps can use REST APIs for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning capabilities in IBM i applications. In this way, it enhances output and cut down the development time. Furthermore, developers can also add the Google Natural Language REST API and Google Cloud Vision REST API to expand their skills.

How does the LANSA Portalize solution improve the IBM i software developers’ productivity?

The LANSA Portalize framework is completely customizable and comes pre-configured with all of the most important portal functions. Software developers can focus on generating solutions with this tool rather than building or developing the complex portal many of today’s applications need.

Portalize is a ready-made IBM i application modernization tool that comes with built-in management, localization, and security features. Software developers can integrate it into their IBM i application development workflow. Portalize makes use of the features of the newest web technologies available today. So, its improved portal modules ensure lightning-fast navigation and a better user experience overall.

How does the LANSA aXes tool help in improving the IBM i productivity?

LANSA’s aXes, a unique IBM i modernization solution that allows businesses to transform 5250 applications into web pages instantly. Employees of an organization may securely access your 5250 applications from any web-enabled device, including phones and tablets after you just install aXes on the IBM i. Additionally, there is nothing that your end users need to install on their devices. All of the work performed on the IBM i. aXes is a simple but effective way to close gaps in your infrastructure for your remote workforce.

How does LANSA integrator boost developers’ productivity?

LANSA integrator simplifies the design process. It provides some advanced tools for transferring files and documents between enterprises and sharing data between applications. Furthermore, the integrator tool enables two-way flows of files and data remotely in any format. LANSA Integrator works as strategic middleware that offers resources and services to enable the following activities:

Data exchange from one application to another.
Data exchanges and document transfers between businesses.
Automating manual business data integration tasks.
Reduced development effort and simplified design for the data integration solution.

How does the LANSA composer improve productivity?

LANSA Composer is a simple and economical solution to process business transactions in and out of your business systems with minimal human effort. A wide range of built-in activities enables non-programmers to perform everything from developing simple solutions to handling complex tasks without coding. 

Composer automates business operations while minimizing the requirement for human intervention and controlling exceptions. LANSA Composer reduces development time by integrating a ready-made set of activities that the majority of businesses require for business process integration.

Are you ready to improve your productivity with LANSA IBM i modernization tools?

For more than 30 years, LANSA has supported enterprise technical teams in modernizing and expanding the capabilities of the IBM i applications. So, you can build new apps using IBM i applications modernization. Furthermore, LANSA IBM i solutions help you with developing an ERP business solution or other low code trends.

Are you ready to begin? contact us for more details to start leveraging Visual LANSA and other IBM i modernization tools.

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