Meet us at Benelux Power in Tilburg (NL)

Very soon on the Benelux Power event in Tilburg

On the 10th and 11th of October 2022

We will be sponsors at this event. 

The 5th year of presence at BeNeLux event (including 2 virtual events) !

We have a (physical) Booth … and an Education session :

IBM i improved by the magic SnapShot/FlashCopy

Learn how to use from IBM i the SnapShot/FlashCopy ‘magic’ function and Reduce daily work.

Learn how to configure and to manage (automatically) your IBM i and your external storage to take advantage of the FlashCopy/SnapShot technology.
This ‘magic’ function can save plenty of daily work to IBM i users, by transforming many hours operations into a few minutes, e.g. : Pre-prod or UAT environments refresh, easy roll back to a clean Database (or IFS) after incidents (corruption, errors, loss, malware), daily backups (and even Save21) performed in less than 2 minutes.
Learning Objectives:

 Understand this external storage technology and discover many interests by using it.
Learn how to start and use it for and from an IBM i partition, manually or by program.
Get the list of elements, tips and gotchas to take care of when cloning a partition.

See you in a while.

M81 is a French Software house, dedicated on IBM i. We developed 3 system products to improve IBM i since 8 years, now installed in more than 200 end-customers worldwide!

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