Talsco Weekly: The Role of a Business Analyst in Digital Transformation

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News:  Kisco Makes Moves In the IBM i Security Business. Breaking it all down – The Power10 Midrange Machine.
Digital Transformation:  The Role of a Business Analyst in Digital Transformation.
Development:  What is React Router used for? React’s re-renderting process, explained. Future Features of Javascript.


Kisco Makes Moves In the IBM i Security Business

IBM i Security is a big deal. It’s one of the most critical things that many organizations overlook.

Summary: There is a lot of potential business in security on IBM i; Kisco Systems is one of them.
“With recent updates to the company’s security tools in the books and more in the works, the company is positioned to ride the security wave for the long haul.”

If you are not familiar with Kisco, they are working to automate security remediation on the IBM i. They have sold security, audit, and monitoring tools for a long time but will now focus on security.

Breaking it all down – The Power10 Midrange Machine

This article dives deep, “into some performance comparisons between Intel Xeon SP servers and the new Power E1050.”

What does the competitive analysis show us?

It “demonstrates that the shops with the smaller enterprise-class machines need to justify their purchases of this platform against an X86 platform from Intel running Windows Server or Linux and an Oracle or Microsoft database. And defending a higher-end Power E980 or Power E1080 against those X86 machines is tougher because these machines are considerably more expensive per unit of performance than the midrange Power E950 and Power E1050. IBM is making it easier for big X86 iron to take out the many thousands of reasonably large IBM i and AIX sites, and that is not very smart.”

With that, let’s get into some performance comparisons between Intel Xeon SP servers and the new Power E1050.

Digital Transformation

The Role of a Business Analyst in Digital Transformation

“We hear the buzzword “business transformation” everywhere. It has become almost expected of any organization to announce they are on their digital transformation journey.

What does it mean?

There are many definitions of digital transformation. This abundance points to a broad interpretation of the term. The ambiguity of these statements reflects vague expectations of many organizations embarking on their “digital transformation journeys.”

This article is a worthwhile read, as it discusses:

“The most important aspects of digital transformations from a business analysis perspective.”
Why digital transformations fail.
How Business Analysts make the difference.


What is React Router used for?

IBM i developers are spreading their wings. While some are staying in their lane (focusing on RPG development), others are changing lanes to open up new opportunities and challenges.

React Router
React Router is “lightweight client-side and server-side routing library for React. It allows you to handle routing in a web application, displaying different pages depending on the URL.”

Here is a brief guide to nested routes.

Getting started with React
“Whether you want to get a taste of React, add some interactivity to a simple HTML page, or start a complex React-powered app,” a great place to start is “Getting started with React.”

React’s re-renderting process, explained

If you can’t tell by now, the IBM i ecosystem of languages is mixing in with the open source and web world. Full stack IBM i Developers (back and front end) are in high demand.

Here is a tutorial to help React developers, beginner through intermediate, get more comfortable with React.

If you are not sure what React is, go here first.

Future Features of Javascript

“Curious to know what are some of the potential JS features that are cooking right now?
This talk will be walking you through such features with code samples and some additional insights.”

This is for the Javascript Devs in the IBM i community. It is technical (way above my pay grade) but useful if you and your organization are leveraging JS.


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