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As per Gartner, a whopping 65% of application development projects will rely on low-code development by 2024. As the name suggests, the obvious benefit of these platforms is eliminating multiple technical skills usually required to develop software apps.

Moreover, low-code/no-code development is easy to access and has several similar benefits. Using these platforms results in continuously delivering clever business solutions without professional developers. Each low-code platform offers a unique set of benefits. Here are top 10 no-code/low-code development platforms that you should check out.



Appian’s platform combines intelligent automation with low-code development to build smart applications for better efficiency and customer engagement. One of the pros of the platform is its flexible and easy-to-use nature. This free platform enables non-technical users to create anything from mobile apps to enterprise-wide systems without writing a single line of code.

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Founded in 2005, today, more than 4,000 companies use Mendix. The platform relies on model-driven engineering (MDE), which emphasises abstract modelling. The Mendix Community version is free, and the platform offers three more paid plans. 

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Nintex is highly rated, with 10,000+ organisations in diverse industries reporting desirable returns on investment. It’s a low-code platform for process management and workflow automation. Automation tools can be key to fostering growth in your business, and Nintex works to accelerate digital transformation within your organisation. 

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Visual LANSA


Visual LANSA allows to create applications much quicker than traditional coding and with much control, much higher than usually seen in low-code platforms. In addition, apps developed on the platform can be deployed to an IBM i, Windows, or Linux server. One IDE, one language, no limitations.

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The Quixy platform automates workflows to build enterprise-grade applications for their custom needs up to 10x faster. The cloud-based no-code citizen development platform is flexible and can develop applications within hours as per the users’ requirements. Easy deployment and visual builder are some of the platform’s great features.

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At first glance, Airtable looks much like a spreadsheet but is much more powerful. With a simple but colourful interface, Airtable creates and shares relational databases. Big companies, including Medium, BuzzFeed, and Nike, use Airtable to increase efficiency and cut costs. The platform’s pre-made templates, including social media planning and integration features, make it stand out in the domain. 

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Caspio generates interactive reports and data visualisations that enable gathering performance metrics and making fact-based decisions. It also allows users to analyse data using drill-down and pivot functionality. The all-in-one platform includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance and scalable global infrastructure. Caspio integrates with cloud-based systems such as Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

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Created by OrangeScape Technologies, Kissflow automates corporate operations and tracks performance. In addition, Kissflow manages workflow and processes. Besides eliminating coding needs, Kissflow’s rule-based paradigm allows for personalising workflows. It is suitable for all types of businesses and industries. Kissflow assists in creating process requests, viewing items that require user action, and approving pending tasks.

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Quickbase integrates prominent cloud-based solutions like NetSuite, Salesforce, Box, and Gmail via prebuilt application connectors. In addition, to provide security, Quickbase includes features such as permissions and granular roles, corporate user management, and a robust user interface.

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A veteran in the industry, Zoho Creator is a minimalist platform with intuitive visual features. It includes a visual drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of built-in features and functions, making it a complete low-code development platform. Zoho Creator is a full-stack product for creating data-driven apps in the cloud. With a few clicks, users can select from a list of libraries of prebuilt blocks, drag and drop them onto the canvas, and customise them to create an app.

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