“I would like to go to this conference”

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. Henry Ford

Dear Manager,

As you know, I am always striving towards more efficiency and tries to do things smarter to make our business even more successful. Therefore I would like to get permission to go to XYZ Conference (Why not Common Europe Congress) in the month of XYZ (Say June 2023).

At this conference I will have the best chances to meet real experts in my field. Learn from them, hear about how other companies are using the latest technologies to solve issues we are still struggling with. People at these conferences are the best in sharing their own experiences and warning for pitfalls to avoid for us to save time and money. This is of course difficult to make a return of investment on, but as you know, experts like them charge 150 – 200 Euro/USD per hour normally.

There will be vendors of very good solutions attending the conference as sponsors as well. We are using tools from Company A + Company B + Company C already today, I will talk to them of course but also visit the expo area to find out if there are other tools or solutions we should consider using.

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Panel discussion from Common Europe Congress 2022

I’ve went through the draft conference agenda, and here is a list of sessions I will attend for sure If I get there:

  • The latest trends and directions from Vendor XYZ
  • “Cloud this and cloud that”
  • How to optimise the investment we’ve already made in technology XYZ
  • XYZ

You can count on me making a presentation to show at the next group meeting when I am back home again. In this presentation I will go through the best findings from the conference and also give some inspiration to my colleagues. The whole team will grow stronger because of this.

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Example of content from Common Europe Congress 2022

Besides all the benefit our company gains from this educational event. I will grow as a person, get new insights and probably make some new friends, some of them for life even. After all, to not let us educate ourselves about the technologies we are already using, is similar to buying a truck without giving people the driving license for it.

The total investment from you would be:

  • Admission XX Euro/USD (If booking before Date XYZ)
  • Travel XX Euro/USD
  • Lodging XX Euro/USD
  • Meals XX Euro/USD
  • Totally XX Euro/USD

I am looking forward your positive response

Thank you

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