015 Safeguarding Your Digital Kingdom: Pauline Brazil Ayala’s Guide to IBM i Security

​015 Welcome to today’s podcast episode featuring an esteemed guest, Pauline Brazil Ayala, a renowned security expert from Fresche Solutions. With years of experience in the field, Pauline has become a leading authority on IBM i security practices and solutions.Recently, Pauline made waves at the prestigious POWERUp conference, where she delivered captivating presentations on the importance of getting started and maintaining robust security practices on IBM i systems. In an era where cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and grow more sophisticated, businesses must prioritize the security of their IBM i systems. Through her extensive knowledge and practical experience, Pauline will shed light on best practices, ransomware, and malware protection, as well as the crucial steps organizations need to take to ensure their IBM i environments are secure.Pauline Brazil Ayala VP, Compliance and Security Solutions, Fresche Solution Security software professional.Email: [email protected] GuardFresche SolutionsOne incredible Th(i)ng!  Products, gadgets, recipes, music or things we are loving right now.Pauline’s pick for this week:Pauline is having a baby in August!Peg’s pick for this week:POWERUp 2023 Conference in Denver! Upcoming EVENTS:COMMON Europe Congress 2023 in Prague!SHOW SPONSORS:COMMONMidrange Dynamics Change Management Software – Built for IBM i modernization!Be sure to check out our website, LinkedIn page and like and subscribe – all those things!Interested in sharing your IBM i story?  Want to sponsor the podcast?  We want to hear from you!  Reach out to Peg.Email: [email protected] Read More 

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