IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 25, Number 18 Doug Bidwell

​A new week, a new security vulnerability in the IBM i platform. This time around, we have Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in libtasn1 (CVE-2021-46848) affects Power HMC, which you can read more about at this link. The Affected products and versions are: HMC V10.1.1010.0, HMC V10.2.1030.0, and HMC V9.2.950.0. The remediation/fixes for the vulnerability are:
Product VRMF APAR Remediation/Fix
Power HMC V9.2.950.0 SP3 ppc MB04397 MH01954
Power HMC V9.2.950.0 SP3 x86 MB04396 MH01953
Power HMC V10.1.1020.0 SP1 ppc MB04388 MF70701
Power HMC V10.1.1020.0 SP1 x86 MB04387 MF70700
Power HMC V10.2.1030.0 ppc MB04401 MF70890
Power HMC V10.2.1030.0 SP1 x86 MB04400 MF70889

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