Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers: Ruby and IBM i, An Introduction MC Press Online

​The goal of this series of excerpts on Ruby and IBM i is to first ground you in the Ruby language. That won’t be easy because Ruby is probably about as different from RPG as an apple is from an orange. They are both fruits, but one must be peeled before eating and they taste very different. We are going to first “peel” Ruby so you can understand how it works. By Pete Helgren Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from chapter 6 of Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers, by Pete Helgren. That means a grounding in OO principles. Then we can move on to basic language syntax, access to PASE resources, DB2 for IBM i database access, and then calling RPG programs from Ruby. That’s quite a bit to cover. Ready? Let’s go! Every programmer wants to achieve the greatest amount of work in the least amount of time and have fun doing it. At least, I hope that’s what you’re after. The programming world rotates on productivity, and that’s what Ruby is designed for. It f Read More 

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