004 Modernizing Technical Debt: A Conversation with Juan Manuel Alcudia

​004 Today, we’ve got a true IT specialist on board: Juan Manuel Alcudia. Juan Manual is a powerhouse. IBM i expert since 1997, worked for IBM Lab Services, excelling in Performance, DB2, and SAP HANA. He’s also a former WebSphere Portal Server Specialist and RPG programmer. Now, at CD-invest, he optimizes DB2 for i, boosts server performance, and advises on IT innovations for business value. Get ready for a whirlwind of IT insights. Welcome IBM Champion & COMMON Europe president Juan Manuel Alcudia!Juan Manuel Alcudia,  Software Developer, Speaker & IBM AdvocateCDInvestLinkedInEmail: [email protected] EuropeOne incredible Th(i)ng!  Products, gadgets, recipes, music or things we are loving right now.Juan Manuel’s pick for this week:Vacation in the south of Spain! Almeria, desert of Tabernas. The Wild West!Peg’s pick for this week:Cuisinart Coffee Center Barista Bar 4-1 Coffeemaker (more like a coffee station) Upcoming EVENTS:COMMON – Navigate, Oct. 9-11, 2023i-UG November 23SHOW SPONSORS:Programmers.ioBriteskiesCOMMONMidrange Dynamics North AmericaBe sure to check out our website, LinkedIn page and like and subscribe – all those things!Interested in sharing your IBM i story?  Want to sponsor the podcast?  We want to hear from you!  Reach out to Peg.Email: [email protected] Read More 

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