Common: 5 Key Strategies for IBM i IFS Cybersecurity — Mel Zucker & Joe Hertvik

​Critical business assets stored in IBM i IFS files are as vulnerable to ransomware and other cyberthreats as files stored on Windows and Linux servers. Yet many organizations still haven’t deployed Anti-Ransomware and other advanced threat protection solutions on IBM i servers. How can you protect IBM i servers from ransomware and other cyberattacks? Listen to this webinar to learn how ransomware and other cyberattacks threaten IBM i servers, and how to enhance IBM i cybersecurity & protect IFS assets against cyberthreats, including: What the IFS is and why it’s so vulnerable to cyberattacks Regulatory compliance requirements covering IFS ransomware and cyber protection Implementing key strategies to secure and protect the IFS against cyberthreats Register today and discover how to strengthen IBM i cybersecurity and safeguard essential IFS assets. Read More 

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