My favorite file definition keywords in free format Simon Hutchinson

​This all started with a question, and then I got carried away. I was asked did I have a free format example code for what I described in my post about Useful keywords for your F-specs. Recently I have not used file definitions in my programs as I use SQL for my file I/O. I relished the thought of giving these file definition keywords, and then went on to show how they could be used. The scenario is I have a file, TESTFILE, that I want to make a “work” copy in QTEMP. Then I want to have two members in the file and I fill the first with the contents of TESTFILE in ascending key order, and the second in descending key order. Just to make it interesting for myself, I will not use SQL for any of this, or for showing the results. TESTFILE contains one field, NAME, and I can use the Run Query command, RUNQRY, to views it contents: Read more » Read More 

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