Using values in an array for the SQL Where clause Simon Hutchinson

​It was a good question to ask: “Is there a way to use an array in the Where clause of a SQL Select statement?”
I am disappointed that it is not possible to use an array in that manner:

01 exec sql SELECT * FROM PERSON
02 WHERE LAST_NAME IN (:MyArray) ;

This code will not pass the SQL precompile. It gives the following error message in the precompile listing:

SQL0312 30 13 Position 32 Variable MYARRAY not defined or not usable
for reason code 2.

When I look up that message I see that arrays are not allowed:
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Security Bulletin: IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i is vulnerable to an attacker obtaining sensitive information due to CVE-2023-42006

​IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i could allow sensitive information stored in a file, including passwords, to be obtained by an attacker as described in the vulnerability details section. IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i has addressed the vulnerability with a fix as described in the remediation/fixes section. Read More 

Common: iSee Go Save 21 Details

​If you use Go Save 21 this iSee is for you! There is a data area on the system that keeps track of the past several GO Save activities. This iSee will sort of the details of this data area and bring to light the number of saves, and the length of time each save took. Not only useful from the GO Save view, but some interesting SQL on how to parse text data and a little OLAP to help organize this data into something highly readable. Read More 

6 Application Modernization Strategies to Look Out For LANSA Editors

​What Is Application Modernization? Application modernization (or legacy application modernization) refers to a process designed to enhance software applications you already have to meet the needs of your business or your app’s users. It involves making adjustments to update your technology stack to improve your apps’ performance or create more effective user experiences. In some
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Technical Debt: A Comprehensive Guide LANSA Editors

​According to recent surveys, organizations waste between 23% and 42% of their development efforts on technical debt [1]. This logically impacts their budget and bottom line as well. A separate survey revealed that more than 20% of the average organization’s IT budget is related to resolving technical debt [2]. It is no mystery, therefore, that
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