Talsco Weekly: The i Don’t Get No Respect patrick staudacher

​Welcome to another edition of Talsco Weekly IBM i Brief:  The Modernization Plans Of IBM i And Mainframe Shops. IBM Creates $500M Enterprise Generative AI startup fund. AI:  GitHub plans on infusing Copilot in its platform. The Missing Piece of the AI Puzzle: Process Intelligence. Development:  Node.js v20 on the IBM i. How about getting
The post Talsco Weekly: <a href=”https://www.itjungle.com/2023/11/08/in-a-parallel-universe-there-is-an-ibm-i-data-warehouse-too/”><strong>The i Don’t Get No Respect</strong></a> appeared first on IBM i (AS/400, RPG) Recruiting, Staffing & Consulting. Read More 

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