IBM i DevOps TechTalk #10 – Coding Standards ARCAD Software

​Join us for the 10th episode of the IBM i DevOps TechTalk Podcast, where we discuss the topic of “Coding Standards” – a cornerstone for achieving usability and maintainability in coding.In this session, Nicholas DeLessio, Developer and CodeChecker expert, joins forces with Ray Bernardi and Alan Ashley, senior solution architects, to provide a comprehensive view on coding standards. Together, they address key points:• The significance of coding standards in modern software development.• Advantages of implementing these standards for your organization.• Specific challenges in the RPG coding environment and strategies to overcome them.• How ARCAD can facilitate the integration of best coding practices.Listen now to empower your coding strategies on IBM i!👉 Don’t forget to subscribe to our spotify channel to listen to more episodes of our podcast : Read More 

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