QSPL Physical File Damage

​Occasionally, one of the physical files, or members of the physical files in library QSPL can become damaged. The names of physical files begin with Q04079N or Q00512N. Each of the physical files have members.  Each member contains the data of a spooled file on an output queue.  The spooled file on the output queue is a pointer to the member in the physical file in QSPL library.  When one of the physical files or members become damaged, the job, or possibly the system may not be able to create any additional spooled files.  This can be a severe impact.  Caution: When experiencing issues with damaged files in the QSPL library it is highly recommended to discuss the issue with an IBM support representative before following the instructions in this document. These procedures should only be done by an experienced system administrator or operator. Failure to heed this warning could result in the wrong physical files being deleted. Note: Any spooled files that is included in a damaged physical file in library QSPL will be lost. If the spooled file data for those spooled files has already been saved, then it can be restored after recovery. For information on saving and restoring spooled files, refer to Saving and Restoring Spooled Files. Read More 

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