Send email with SQL [email protected] (Simon Hutchinson)

​[[{“value”:”We have been able to send email from our IBM i partitions for several releases, using IBM commands and various third party tools. I use the Send SMTP Email command, SNDSMTPEMM, that comes within the IBM i operating system. Within the latest round of Technology Refreshes, IBM i 7.5 TR3 and 7.4 TR9, comes another way, with SQL.
A new scalar function was added to the SYSTOOLS library called SEND_EMAIL. It has four parameters:

TO_EMAIL:  Recipients email address. Mandatory
SUBJECT:  Email’s subject line. Mandatory
BODY:  Email’s body. Mandatory
ATTACHMENT: IFS path name of the file to be sent as an attachment. Optional, if omitted no attachment is sent

For example:
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