IBM i DevOps TechTalk #12 – Azure and the IBM i ARCAD Software

​Join us for the 12th episode of the IBM i DevOps TechTalk Podcast with Jeff Tickner, CTO NA, for a discussion on Azure and the IBM i. More and more businesses are using Microsoft’s Azure tool suite from workflow and Version Control with Git to Azure Pipelines and Boards. Jeff shares his experience integrating the IBM i including:· How the open-system Developers and IBM i Developers differ yet work together with Azure Git from the builds to the branch strategy.· How to bring the IBM i into the full CI/CD process and take advantage of different pieces of Azure.· Arcad’s sync with front-end .net Azure Developers and back-end IBM i Developers.· The drivers for success including education and finding the right partner for the journey, Arcad.Spotify: Podcast: Read More 

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