IBM Sharpens Its Edge With “Bonnell” Entry Power10 System Timothy Prickett Morgan

​[[{“value”:”Back in February 2017, Big Blue announced what we called the Power S812 Mini, which was a version of the Linux-only Power S812L single-socket Power8 machine that had been allowed to run IBM i and that has a single 3.03 GHz core activated and 64 GB of main memory; it would be rated at somewhere just under 10,000 CPWs. IBM never did announce a Power S912 super-entry machine based on the Power9, but it did extend the life of the Power S812 until June 2020.
When the entry and midrange Power10 machines were launched in July 2022, there was no Power S1012 Mini and once again the Power S1014 machine, which we detailed here, was the smallest – meaning least capacious in terms of computing and storage – system that customers could buy to run IBM i workloads.”}]] Read More 

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