Sequel | Drilldown Options in Sequel Viewpoint Fortra

​Interested in learning more about drilldown options and Sequel Viewpoint? Check out our Sequel training courses: you want your user community to have pre-defined drill through options from a View, Table, or ScriptView – or you want them to have more control over what they drill into – Sequel Viewpoint has easy-to-use functions that meet your needs.Watch this training-focused webinar from Brandy Lulling as she walks you through a step-by-step approach on how to deliver these valuable processes to your users. You will discover how to:-Create a Drilldown Application with the wizard-Modify the Application configuration for use in the Sequel Web Interface-Utilize the dynamic drilldown optionsFortra strives to develop powerful business intelligence tools for your organization. See how Applications and Dynamic Drilldown in Sequel Viewpoint can empower your users to get all the information they need. Read More 

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