The Essential Role of Virtual Tape in IBM i Backup and Recovery LaserVault

​In this quick 30-minute, free live recorded webcast, you’ll learn about the many important functions that virtual tape provides in the backup and recovery of IBM Power Systems. Attend and learn about these 6 essentials and more:• Cost Efficiency: Reduces costs for purchasing, storing, and maintaining physical tapes.• Speed and Performance: Provides faster backup and recovery times than traditional tape.• Scalability: Easily expands to accommodate growing data volumes.• Data Integrity: Ensures reliable backups and mitigates data loss• Automation: Simplifies operations with automated processes and centralized management.• Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with existing backup and recovery software.You’ll also get to see a live technical demonstration of the ViTL virtual tape/tape library solution, designed specifically for use with IBM Power Systems. Read More 

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