Using three part name when the user profile or passwords are different [email protected] (Simon Hutchinson)

​[[{“value”:”This post is to take care of an oversight that was brought to my attention. I have written several posts about using the SQL three part name, all of the examples assumed that the user name and password were the same on all of the partitions. What happens if they are not? This post will explain what to do.
For these examples I am using three partitions:

DEV740: This partition is running IBM i 7.4, and is the “local” partition, the one I am performing all the calls from
DEV730: Runs IBM i 7.3. When the connection was configured on DEV740 to DEV730 the serial number was used, therefore, DEV730 is known as G102A08R. DEV720: This is the oldest partition with IBM i 7.2. My using it proves that the three part name has been around for longer than just the last few releases

I am not going to do anything too fancy for these examples. I have a file, called WHERE_AM_I, on all of these partitions. It has just one field, FLD001 that contains a unique message in each file. All I am going to do is to access these files, and show the contents on DEV740.
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